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As long as one does Agnihotra in the day and in the night, in this world there will be no pain or misfortune for such one. There will be no end for them . An Agnihotra practitioner will have a long life
Source: Taittirya-brahmanam, Astakam 2, Anuvakah 5, 11 (Vedic period)

The Golden Timings

Agnihotra time is generally the the transitional Sandhya moment,  both at sunrise and sunset

Magical Copper Pyramid

Pyramid is a sacred geometry that has healing energies in the centre , Copper is the element that creates the required beneficial biochemical reaction in combination  with other agnihotra offerings

Sacred Cow Dung Cakes

Desi Cow with Suryaketa naadi produces Cow dung with  medicinal , anti-bacterial & thereupatic properties

Pure Desi Cow Ghee

Only the Cow Ghee which is made from A2 milk from desi cow  is the finest offering to the fire

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Why Agnihotram?


At home on children

Agnihotra instills balance , calmness , concentration and focus in addition to healthy healing breath to kids

On adult body & minds

Enhanced Willpower , confidence contentment &  fulfillment are experienced ; Unnecessary addictions & habits drop down ; strong will power & positivity gets inculcated ; Lowers stress levels,  peace tranquility good health &  healing are achieved

On Farming

Agnihotra ash & the atmosphere created by the practice has  shown excellent results on the quality of crop/ fruit , taste , texture & size  ; Ash is a great fertilizer too

On Environment

Agnihotra creates bacteriostatic advantages , more than 96% growth of bacteria specially  pathogen types  is inhibited , there is reduction in aerial micro flora post Agnihotra

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Agnihotaram.com is a platform where we  promote the pure  science of the sacred healing fire, this technology which is of utmost benefit to the humankind


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